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We believe that service excellence can only be achieved through partnering. The partnership concept involves more than just getting the job done , it requires ownership. Fulfilling clients needs with efficient, effective and accurate execution is our objective.  By creating professional, engaging relationships with each client, every job becomes a personal achievement for the MnS team.

Founded in March 1998 in Swaziland, MnS Architects and Surveyors(Pty)Ltd has grown into a multi-national organization of various disciplines practicing world wide under the MnS Group banner.


  • Comercial, Educational, Industrial, Leisure and Executive Residential Architecture
  • Sectional Title Developments
  • Contract Administration
GIS Specialists
  • Grass Roots Systems
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Training and Development

Engineering Survey
  • Control Establishment
  • Digital Terrain Monitoring
  • Construction Survey
  • Construction Monitoring
  • Aerial Surveying
Chartered Land Survey
  • Land Registration
  • Land Disputes
  • Land Use Consultants
  • Economic Development Planning

"Serving Individuals and communities through professional excellence"

Latest News

MnS Group: 2014 Newsletter

2014 News being developed

Khi Solar One and Kaxu Solar One; South Africa 

20 Year Transport Master Plan; Swaziland

524 Km Clean Water Supply Pipeline; Botswana

Ongoing SEC GIS system; Swaziland

Tanzanian Mean Sea Level; Tanzania

Forgotten communities and Bridge access; Zambia

Over 1 Billion Rand Land Deal; Swaziland

Expropriation, theft or poor governance?; Swaziland

And more .....

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